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PS Mailing Services has particular experience of providing mailing services to market research organisations. We specialise in providing flexible solutions, whatever the context and our company has the benefit of a research background. Product placement, warm up letters, postal surveys, reminders and incentive mailings are all part of our regular routine.

Here are some examples of recent projects:

Incentive mailings
PS mail incentive vouchers each week for a leadling internet research company. Panellists who qualify receive a voucher of their choice with a personalised letter now sent across Europe in the language (or languages in the case of Belgium) of the country concerned. PS administer the project to provide an easy to use and trouble-free service. PS now has an extensive list of suppliers of incentive vouchers in the UK, across Europe and now including Australia and North America.

Product Despatch
PS provided bespoke packaging and sent samples of paper tissues to individuals in France and Switzerland. Product rotation was assured. Supporting documentation was printed and included. The individuals were invited to complete an on-line survey giving their reaction to the product. A similar project was completed in the UK but this time using lawn treatment products. Similar in-home tests have seen us mail out shoes, toiletries, chocolate bars, food stuffs and cosmetics.

Invitation to join on-line survey
PS produced persnal letters to 5000 headteachers inviting them to participate in an on-line survey. The project was carefully co-ordinated to ensure that the letters arrived the day that the survey was available on-line.
Self Completion Questionnaires
PS produced questionnaires for surveys in UK and Italy, printing the documents and envelopes, receiving and logging responses to enable both dp and the distribution of incentives.

Five year panel survey
PS maintained a bespoke project database which formed the basis for ongoing postal and telephone research. The activity of panel members was tracked and the panel regularly replenished. Questionnaires and project updates were mailed throughout the year.

UK on-line tv survey

PS played a key role in a major online survey by distributing dvds to survey participants selected online. Despatch was carefully controlled within a tight timetable. Survey participants watched the dvd and returned it to qualify for an incentive payment. PS logged the responses and distributed the incentive.

If you have a research project that you would like to discuss please contact us.