PS Projects

PS Projects

Over the years, PS has conducted a wide variety of mailing projects for commercial clients from sectors as diverse as tour operators, garden centres, clothing retailers, gift suppliers, drinks wholesalers, charities and other design and print agencies.

Here are just three examples of recent projects:

A comprehensive service open to UK healthcare professionals
Now over 30,000 members are able to order literature and teaching aids held at PS and receive quarterly mailings prepared and despatched here. We provide a telephone helpline, fully integrated with the website.

A Customer Mailing Programme for a leading department store
There are over 120,000 registered customers on a bespoke database designed and maintained by PS that supports a mailing programme of over 400,000 items each year.

Handling the unusual - product samples and foodstuffs
PS regularly distributes samples from direct marketing campaigns and advertising. PS has distributed toys, pens and other giveaways, cleaning materials, pasta and even biscuits, cakes and boxes of chocolates, in each case advising the client on secure packaging and then sourcing that packaging from a range of local suppliers.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss please contact us.