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In essence the service that PS provides is very simple. We help you to deliver your message.  That might mean posting a brochure, catalogue, postcard or magazine.  It might mean preparing a letter or another type of personalised document.  It might be a "one-off" or a series of mailings perhaps part of a planned crm campaign. We'll help you find the most cost effective solution whatever type of activity you have planned.

We often help companies and other organisations who are new to direct mail.  We do try to explain, to plan and to help keep things simple. You will have a dedicated project manager to help ease communication. We're easy to contact and you're always welcome to visit.

Our client base extends across the UK and includes a real mix of commercial organisations, charities, public bodies, market research companies, retail, wholesale, dm agencies and the trade. No job is too small. If we think that we can help you find a cost effective solution we will. Similarly, we have well established trade partners who work with us when you've asked for something that we can't do ourselves.

The projects that we undertake are as varied as our clients. We can be flexible. The key elements of our service are

If you have a project that you would like to discuss please contact us.

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