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New Incentives to try Direct Mail

16 June 2017


Even in our new digital age direct mail remains a crucial route to existing and potential customers. For example, recent research has shown that 87% of customers are influenced to make a purchase online by receiving mail. So Royal Mail has introduced a number of schemes to help.

PS Mailing has recently helped a new local company setup a direct mail programme to schools across the country using the FIRST TIME USER SCHEME. The scheme provides extra discount for new users or for companies which have not sent advertising mail for 2 years. Discounts do vary according to the format of the mail, the service used and the weight of items mailed but the scheme does produce some useful savings.

On the basis that increased mailing brings increased sales the SCHEME FOR GROWTH is aimed at those already sending advertising mail. Discounts vary depending upon the increase in mailing volume from an agreed baseline.

The TESTING & INNOVATION SCHEME provides support for testing new mailing applications. For example you might want to test the impact of messaging on statements or try a loyalty mailing to high value customers or perhaps introduce a welcome pack to promote retention.  The discounts through this scheme come as postage credits and there are different criteria for business and advertising mail.

Finally, the ADVERTISING MAIL CATALOGUES SCHEME is the one for customers looking to add extra pages to their catalogue or perhaps try an extra insert, enabling an increase in weight without increasing the price.

Do get in touch if you would like more information.