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Mailing Production

The range of mailing work that we undertake is considerable so we find the most appropriate form of mailing production to the job. Sometimes that means using machines, sometimes that means finishing by hand. We have an experienced team well used to collating, matching and enclosing documents of all shapes and sizes.

We have polywrapping capacity in-house which provides another option in terms of the presentation of your mail.

We mechanise the process of dealing with returned mail and have well established procedures to sort returned coupons, reply cards and questionnaires.

Out going mail is collected every day from our premises in Sherborne by Royal Mail. In addition, daily courier collections mean that your mail or your parcels won’t be in production any longer than they need to be.

Despatch dates form an important part of any project schedule and we’ll discuss that with you as soon as your project is confirmed placing all aspects of the job in to a coherent project plan.

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