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Despatch of Product Samples, Promotional Materials

The range of samples that we dispatch is many and varied. Everything from foodstuffs to cleaning materials, the full range of promotional items, to brand new development products designed to test consumer reaction.

In each case we find and advise on the most appropriate form of packaging and carriage. We can source bespoke packaging if we need to using a number of local suppliers. Often attention to detail at this stage can be a good investment if it gives your product better protection in transit or if it enhances your image by ensuring that your gift arrives in good condition.

We’ll advise you on the most cost effective way to deliver your product or sample. We have a range of postal services to chose from that offer discounts and, in addition, can offer very competitive courier rates. Out going mail is collected every day from our premises in Sherborne by Royal Mail. Daily courier collections mean that your mail or your parcels won’t be in production any longer than they need to be.

Despatch dates form an important part of any project schedule and we’ll discuss that with you as soon as your project is confirmed placing all aspects of the job in to a coherent project plan.

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