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Data Entry

Capturing the information generated by any campaign is an important part of the complete mailing and fulfilment service that we offer. So, for example, we might need to capture a name and address and product preference from a coupon or reply card. We might need to log a respondent number as part of a research project before sending either a reminder or an incentive payment. We might need to capture the views expressed in a questionnaire. Whichever it is accuracy is the key, addresses, for example, are verified against the Postal Address File (PAF) as we go.

PS Mailing Services has extensive registration under the Data Protection Act. We appreciate the value and importance of data so will deal with your lists in a sensitive and secure environment.

We don’t sell data ourselves but we do have a number of contacts acquired over the years to help us find the best list when we need it, so if you need to acquire a mailing list as part of your marketing or research plan we will be able to help.

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